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 WE ARE open

Mango Group restaurants are open, please check our Facebook and Instagram for more updated information.

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We eat, we drink, we live with all five senses. And that’s how I’m gonna cook for you!


We use locally-sourced produce and ingredients for simple recipes inspired by extensive travels or conversations with the market ladies of Hoi An. Fish sauce. Cocktails and good coffee. Colorful interiors built by local craftsmen. Great music. And most of all, we have a lot of fun.


Chef Duc Tran

As soon as I get into a kitchen, I like to create, to cook something. It’s an instinct I inherited from my mother. In Vietnam, if someone is cooking, you gotta stay and eat.

Born in Vietnam, Duc grew up in Texas. He cooked and surfed his way around the world, from the beaches of Mexico and Central America to Australia and New Zealand. Somewhere along the way he worked as a sushi chef at an Austrian alpine ski resort before spending time in a Tokyo diner, where he wasn’t a sushi chef.

All Duc’s food memories and hospitality with heart are fused into the menus and experiences at the Mango restaurants.

 “I traveled with a little stove, pocket knife, tent. The first thing I did when I got to a place was scout out the food. You meet local people that way, finding food… bartering off the road or in the local markets.”

  A PARTY!  

Chef Duc
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Request a reservation via this form, we will respond by email to confirm. Please call or message on Facebook if you do not receive a confirmation.

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